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    Attorneys at The Miller Family Law Group combine the use of experts, when appropriate, with our extensive litigation experience to devise results-oriented strategic plans and to generate effective and practical solutions to our client’s financial and legal problems.

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    We hold sacred our clients’ trust. We foster that relationship by providing specific, clear, and honest assessments of what to expect at the commencement of legal proceedings, and maintain that relationship through the pending litigation with open and direct lines of communication with our clients.

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    The Miller Family Law Group has successfully litigated and handled matters, of varying complexities, in all areas of family law including complex property division, business valuation, support issues, custody matters and international custody disputes involving application of the Hague Convention.

  • Sensitive

    Attorneys at The Miller Family Law Group communicate directly with their clients, and maintain open lines of communication throughout the pending litigation; this permits each client to prepare for and cope with the emotional aspects of their case, and empower them as they begin to rebuild their lives.

  • Affordable

    All actions taken for the benefit of our clients specifically weigh not only the actual benefit, but also the costs associated with taking such an action. This cost-benefit approach to litigation allows our clients to physically take home larger settlements than they would have otherwise received.

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Brea Divorce Attorney

Considering leaving your spouse and entering into the unfamiliarity of divorce can be a very scary decision. Once you have come to this very difficult decision, there are many financial and personal considerations to take into account. For example if there are children involved, making sure you maintain custody or maximum visitation is especially critical.

The Miller Family Law Group has represented many clients from Brea and is highly experienced in all aspects of family law, ranging from finances to child custody and visitation concerns. The Miller Family Law Group can provide the personal attention required to create the best course of action and the resources required to prepare and proceed through the California Divorce process.

The Miller Family Law Group will provide the best possible outcome with the care and sensitivity your case requires so you can maintain your lifestyle and relationship with your children in Brea

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