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Divorce Mediation

The dissolution process can, at times, be difficult for parties to the action, both emotionally and financially. In addition, a contentious divorce action, due to anger, hard-feelings, or otherwise, can have a dramatic impact on the parties’ ability to communicate with each other, not only during the pendency of the case, but also after the proceedings have been brought to a conclusion.

These feelings tend to escalate further during litigation, when allegations are pushed, repeated, and magnified in an attempt to gain a tactic advantage. These emotional reactions can manifest themselves into problems with co-parenting, in the mental and physical well-being of the parties or their child(ren), and in social interactions with common friends and family members.

For these reasons, The Miller Family Law Group offers parties to a family law matter an alternative approach to resolving family law disputes. An attorney from the firm acts as a mediator for the parties, hearing all concerns and contentions, and walking the parties through the family law process and towards a final resolution of their case.

All documents necessary to finalize the pending legal matters are prepared and filed with the court by the firm with the joint efforts of both parties; this reduces legal fees, and alleviates a significant amount of unnecessary emotional pain, and uncertainty that may otherwise arise in contentious litigation.

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