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millerLocated in Orange County California - The Miller Family Law Group is a family-owned and -operated law firm established to provide individuals and families with compassionate, honest, and effective representation in all areas of family law. The firm’s partners, the husband-and-wife team of Evelina and Matthew Miller, are dedicated exclusively to the practice of family law, and have been throughout their careers.

It Is About Our Clients Goals

At The Miller Family Law Group, we believe far too many family law practitioners and firms have gotten away from the most important aspect of any family law practice; we are here to help individuals, each of whom will be uniquely distinct, not only as a person, but also in their legal difficulties. Our legal approach, in turn, must be as uniquely distinct as the individuals that we choose to represent. Upon retention, clients are encouraged to become actively involved in the development of a comprehensive case plan, each unique to the specific circumstances and finances of the individual client. This approach has proven to be an effective tool in reducing each client’s financial and emotional burdens as we progress through the complexities of their family law matter.

At the Miller Family Law Group, we give clients the personal attention they deserve; respect is given to your time, and resources, and, when possible, technology is utilized to assist in obtaining measurable, cost-effective results.  

Practical and Effective Family Law Matter Solutions

The complexity of today's family law issues often requires the use of experts drawn from a number of professional disciplines. These include forensic accountants, appraisers, mental health professionals, estate planners, pension administrators and actuaries.

With the assistance of these highly skilled professionals, we will devise a results-oriented strategic plan for you that will provide practical and effective solutions to your financial and legal situations.

We have found our interdisciplinary team approach has led to a high level of success in even the most complex family law matters.

Our Team

Evilina Miller, Esq.

emillerEvelina Miller is a founding partner of Miller Family Law Group. She is a member of the firm’s civil and family law practices. Evelina provides comprehensive, family law oriented counsel that includes the ability to assess marital assets, custody, support, and liabilities. She has a broad range of experience in complex custody matters including parental alienation, abuse and child abduction.


Matthew Miller, Esq.

mmillerMatthew provides comprehensive, family law oriented counsel that includes the ability to assess Divorce, Annulment, Legal Separation, Custody, Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, Modification of Custody and Support issues, Asset and Debt division; Restraining Orders, and Domestic Violence.